GGO International Management provides consulting and training services for the entire agricultural supply chain, including producers, industry bodies, world organizations and government. We undertake a broad range of strategic and technical consulting projects. We support and solution to ensure their objectives are met.We take pride in being able to help our clients identify ways to improve their agricultural practices thus having more fertile land and one step closer to sustainability. We help our clients make the right decisions and work with. GGOIM has gained a reputation for being innovative and for providing solutions to meet the needs of a very dynamic agricultural industry.


GGO International specializes in providing excellent industry-relevant business advice to all types of agricultural businesses. We have access to the most up-to-date information and industry ideas in agriculture.  The advice provided is tailored to the individual company's specific needs.  We take account of global and national effects on agriculture and practical on-farm issues when providing solutions for our customers.  All advice is client confidential, i.e., regarding a particular topic to full agricultural business plans and long term strategic plans. If you would like more information, please contact us and let us help make the difference.


GGO International Management, a company that has a global vision, recognizes agricultural practices are often perceived to have negative impacts on other land uses and ecosystems. We take a balanced and unique approach to farm diversification and rural business. We pride ourselves in using our business and analytical skills to help clients with the appropriate planning and management. The industry can be both economically and environmentally sustainable. An outside perspective often identifies areas that might otherwise are overlooked. The result is a more successful business. Our customers benefit from GGO International's consultant's business planning and development. We will assess the comparative strengths, abilities, and potential of the farm, to develop a clear long-term vision and strategy with business objectives. 

Project Management

Our Project Management team provides specialist project management services to deliver large-scale agribusiness projects and frameworks for public and private sector clients.  Whatever your project, you’ll want to ensure that it is completed with total quality management, on time and within budget. Yet, making all this happen means coordinating a number of complex elements. Our Project managers are typically from a consultancy background, and hold recognized industry qualifications.

Agricultural Practices

GGO International Managements agricultural consultants and agronomists work with farmers in the public and private sectors globally, assisting them to address issues relating to soil health, water quality, salinity, crop protection and nutrient management. We provide consultancy and training on sustainable agriculture - including best practice assessment and implementation for achieving long-term environmentally and fiscally responsible business models, as we know agricultural practices are often perceived to have negative impacts on other land uses and ecosystems. We work in our offices but we also get our hands dirty, with decades of experience, and our own leading edge technology is helping rebuilding soils allowing the agriculture industry to become more sustainable.

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Whatever your agricultiral service needs are GGO International Management's consultants will provide you the solution you need for your business. Contact us today.